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Besok 18/12/2010 merupakan peringatan Hari Migra Sedunia. Tentu Buruh Indonesia (BMI) memanfaatkan mementum tersebut untuk menanyakan kembali perlindungan pemerintah terhadap para pekerja migran.

Mengikut catatan Front Perjuangan Rakyat (FPR) lewat rilis beritanya yang dikirim ke redaksi Suara Merdeka CyberNews tercatat ada 6 juta orang Indonesia dikirim dan bekerja ke luar negeri dengan berbagai tujuan. Seterusnya


THE CURRENCY WAR 2 - Dr. Mahathir Mohamad - Print E-mail



Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

on November 18, 2010 11:30 AM


1. Malaysians, including Malaysian monetary authorities seem quite happy over the appreciation of the Ringgit against the US Dollar. We think that when our currency strengthens it must be because our economy is strong, therefore we are doing well.

2. But are we doing well? Is it the Ringgit which is appreciating or is it the US Dollar which is devaluing?

3. Actually it is the US Dollar which is devaluing. It is devaluing against most other currencies, especially against China's currency.

4. Why is the dollar devaluing? Could it be due to the currency traders selling dollars? Could it be because the balance of payment is not in US favor?

5. Martin Wolf of the Financial Times, an expert on money has this to say. There is a global currency battle going on. "To put it crudely," he says, "the US wants to inflate the rest of the world, while the latter is trying to deflate the US. The US must win, since it has infinite ammunition; there is no limit to the dollars the Federal Reserve can create. What needs to be discussed is the terms of the world's surrender; the needed changes in nominal exchange rates and domestic policies around the world.

6. Our reserves are represented by the US Dollar, gold and other currencies which we keep in order to back the value of our Ringgit, The US clearly does not have to hold foreign currencies to back the Dollar. All the US has to is to create (print) money.

7. When we buy US Dollar bonds, we are in fact lending US Dollars to the US. When we redeem the bonds all the US has to do is to print more US Dollars to pay us.

8. How nice it would be if we can pay all our debts by just printing money.

9. There is something fishy going on and the fishy smell is very strong in the US. "Poor" China with 2.5 trillion devalued dollars in its reserve. Wonder how much Bank Negara has?

10. In the face of Governments devaluing their currencies in a currency war, what should Malaysia do? Keep the float or control? When we controlled our currency in 1998 we were called pariahs whose knowledge about finance could be written on the back of a postage stamp. Now it seems many nations are using their magnifying glasses to read what is written on the back of the postage stamps.




Tun M: Islamic Banking Can Help Muslims Prosper - BERNAMA Print E-mail

Tun M: Islamic Banking Can Help Muslims Prosper

SINGAPORE, Dec 7, 2010 (Bernama) -- Muslims in Southeast Asian countries could improve their lot economically if they have access to Islamic banking, former Malaysian prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said.

He said the majority of Muslims in the region had no banks where they could borrow money according to the tenets of Islam, and this had hindered their progress in the economic field.

Speaking at the Islamic Finance Conference organised by the Association of Malay Entrepreneurs of Singapore (Kesuma) here Tuesday, Mahathir said with Islamic banking, Muslims who were concerned about "riba" (interest) could now loan out and invest money freely.

"Islamic banking is here to stay," he said, adding that its future was very bright, especially in the Southeast Asian region, which was fast growing and had a big market with over 500 million people, with the majority being Muslims.

He pointed out that Islamic banking could play an important role in helping Muslims in the region, especially to get out from the clutch of poverty, and catch up with the non-Muslims who had long prospered.

Mahathir said there was a correlation between the growth of Islamic banking and the Muslim economy.

He said with Islamic banking, Muslims in the region could easily have access to capital they needed to grow their businesses or increase their wealth.

However, he cautioned that apart from accessibility to capital, Muslims must have the skills and knowledge on how to run business and manage their money if they wanted to succeed in the economic field.

The former prime minister also emphasised the need for Muslims to learn and venture into all kinds of business such as trading, services and manufacturing to widen their capacity and capability in the field.

Mahathir said if the Muslims were successful in their economic endeavours, the non-Muslims would also want to do business with them, and even borrow money from the Islamic banks.

He pointed out that Islamic banking had strong safeguards compared to conventional banking which was open to abuse as shown in the recent global banking collapse following the worldwide economic crisis.

"Islamic banking is immune to crooked dealings, and it is more superior to conventional banking," Mahathir said, adding that those who managed Islamic banks strictly followed and respected the Islamic injunctions.

To a question on the use of gold dinar in Kelantan, the former prime minister said the state had taken off too early.

"When I suggested that we use gold dinar, it was meant to be used in the settlement of payment for trading between two countries or more," Mahathir said, adding that currently many countries still preferred to use US dollars.

Saying it was not practical to use gold dinar within the domestic economy, he added: "We cannot use gold dinar in everyday transactions, as one has to carry a lot of gold coins in the pocket and you can get robbed."

To another question, Mahathir said it was very difficult to get the 52 Muslim countries in the world to act together at the moment to utilise Islamic banking or have an Islamic monetary system.

He said many Muslim countries still lacked strong political leadership and were also very dependent on the West, especially the United States, for economic survival to go against the current international banking and monetary system.



Kelantan lancar matawang syariah dinar, dirham - Salmah Mat Husain - Harakah Daily Print E-mail


Kelantan lancar matawang syariah dinar, dirham


Salmah Mat Husain   

KOTA BHARU, 12 Ogos: Selepas empat tahun Dinar Kelantan dilancarkan, hari ini di di bawah kepemimpinan ulama sekali lagi dicetus sejarah apabila melancar pula matawang syariah, Dinar dan Dirham Kelantan.

Majlis bersejarah itu disempurnakan Menteri Besar, Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat di Kelantan Trade Centre (KTC).

Program sempena Ramadan tersebut dianjurkan bersama Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan dan Kelantan Golden Trade Sdn Bhd.


(Gambar: Tuan Guru menyampaikan logo dinar kepada peniaga yang menerima mata wang dinar dirham untuk jual beli.)

Pada majlis perasmian terbabit Menteri Besar melakukan gimik pelancaran dengan menyimpan dinar dan dirham ke dalam sebuah mesin untuk simpanan Tabung Haji.

Matawang Dinar dan Dirham Kelantan boleh digunakan untuk pembayaran gaji, zakat, mas kahwin dan perniagaan.

Pada 2006 kerajaan negeri melancarkan Dinar Kelantan dalam tiga bentuk iaitu satu dinar penuh berukuran 23 mm dengan berat 4.25 gm bernilai RM332.25.

Selain itu separuh dinar bersaiz 20 mm (1.06 gm) bernilai RM176.76) dan suku dinar bersaiz 21 mm (0.5 gm) bernilai RM99.38.

Kini nilaian dinar tersebut sudah meningkat berbanding ketika dilancarkan. Dinar tersebut mendapat sambutan menggalakkan untuk simpanan nilai dan mas kahwin.

Pada majlis pelancaran itu, sejumlah RM100,000 telah dibeli orang ramai.